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Procuring Authority / Buyer Economic operator no. No. of announced tenders Total limit fund of tenders (in ALL, without VAT) No. of tenders declared with winner (in ALL, without VAT) Total limit fund of tenders declared by winner (in ALL, without VAT) Awarded total value (in ALL, without VAT)
4 5 30,560,659 4 17,921,493 7,755,032

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Procurement Authority Tenderer Institution Tender object Estimated / Ceiling Value ALL without VAT ALL Stage Procedure Successful Bidder /Supplier / Provider Awarded value
Sherbimi i ruajtjes dhe sigurise fizike me roje private 6,141,012 Signed the Contract MIRI SHPK 6,116,021.00
Sherbime te sigurimit dhe te ruajtjes se objekteve. 12,639,166 Announced Procurement
Mirembajtje e impjanistikes (hidraulike,elektrike) 916,666 Signed the Contract NIKA SHPK 735,979.00
Sherbime te sigurimit dhe te ruajtjes se objekteve “ ,Mareveshje Kuader –me njė operator ekonomik ku tė gjitha kushtet janė tė pėrcaktuara –me afat 10muaj. 9,780,482 Announced the Winner Marku - N SHRSF
Mirėmbajtje impjanistike (hidraulike, elektrike) 1,083,333 Signed the Contract Rozafa-94 SHPK-Briela SHPK 903,031.67
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