Open Procurement Albania

Ofrim i setit tė personalizuar tė instrumenteve kirurgjikale, furnizim me material mjekėsor steril njėpėrdorimėsh nė sallat kirurgjikale

Partner / Concesionary Aparati i Ministrisė sė Shėndetėsisė
Contract's Object The procedure of concession / public private partnership for: Granting concession / PPP "Integrated services for providing the set of personalized surgical instruments, material supply with medical sterile disposable in surgical halls, as well as the treatment of biological waste and disinfecting rooms Surgical"
Concessionary Company
  • L51910021C
  • SaniService
  • Last date of Submitted Documents 30-03-2015
    Successful Bidder /Supplier / Provider
  • Cost of Concession 9,657,000,000.00
    Concession's Duration 10
    Concession's Announcement Date 16-02-2015
    Bidders Action Laundry SHPK & S.S.I. SHPK & Mario Gugliemo SHPK & Brema Ambiente SHPK - SO.GE.SI. S.r.l. - Biometric Albania - O.E.S. Distrimed - Investital Llc. & Servizi Italia S.p.a.& Tecnosanimed & U.Jet S.r.l.
    Public Announcement Bulletin Buletini APP Datė 16.02.2015   
    The winning bid ALL without vat
    Bidder Announcement date 28-09-2015
    Award and Contract Amount ALL with VAT
    Contract date 10-12-2015
    Planned Milestones of Contract / Start and End Date 120 muaj
    Appeals Ka pasur ankesa
    Komisioni i Prokurimit Publik me Vendimin nr.621/3/2015 ka vendosur heqjen e pezullimit pėr procedurėn me objekt "Pėr shėrbime tė integruara pėr ofrimin e setit tė personalizuar tė instrumenteve kirurgjikale, furnizimin me material mjekėsor steril njėpėrdorimėsh nė sallat kirurgjikale, si dhe trajtimin e mbetjeve biologjike dhe dezinfektimin e sallave kirurgjikale"
    Janė s`kualifikuar ofertuesit e mėposhtėm:
    O.ES. Distrimed
    Biometric Albania
    So.Ge.Si Spa Sogesi
    Pėrkatėsisht pėr arsyet e mėposhtme:
    Nuk kanė paraqitur ofertė
    Cancellation reason
    Concessionaire Agreement/Acts

    Ftesė pėr ofertė
    Njoftimi i fituesit
    Njoftimi i lidhjes sė kontratės
    Procesverbal i Themelimit
    Shfuqizimi i vendimit tė Komisionit tė Dhėnies sė Konēensionit(Partneritetit Publik Privat)
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